About Us

kmkm.com was founded in 1999. Free resources open to the public is the main thrust of us.

We believe that sustainable and efficient access to knowledge is essential. Our work is aimed at transforming complex knowledge into easy, complete and understandable information. We believe that people's lives are more meaningful when they can use the knowledge of others and share the knowledge they have. We strive to practice this in our daily work and use the Internet to create good models of information and ways to share it.

On a daily basis, we are responsible for handling and organizing a large number of resources. We have hundreds of millions of images and collections of books and documents. From finding the right resources, organizing research data, to publishing and disseminating information, we make complex information more concise and accessible through our work.

We are grateful to each and every one of our users and contributors who support us. Your interest and contributions have allowed us to grow over time. Thank you!